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Archive for July, 2005

The Battle of Eutaw Springs

Sunday, July 31st, 2005

The Battle of Eutaw Springs was a battle of the American Revolutionary War, the last engagement of the war in the Carolinas.

On May 22, 1781, General Nathanael Greene of the Continental Army had attempted to storm the strong British post at Fort Ninety-Six but was repulsed. Read the rest of this entry »

Counties through Dorchester revised

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

I’ve made it through the letter ‘D’ now with the revision of the county pages. That means that everything through Dorchester county has had a second look. Lot’s more information for most every county is there this time around.

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

The Battle of Hobkirk’s Hill was on April 25, 1781. The colonists, led by Major-General Nathanael Greene, won over the British, led by Lord Francis Rawdon, in a series of attacks.
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New Featured Books section

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Here, just as on the North Carolina site, I’m adding a new section to the categories. Featured books Read the rest of this entry »

County Information

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Well, now, like with the North Carolina site, I have finished the second draft of County Information pages up through the letter ‘C’. This means that everything alphabetically up to Colleton County has much more detail on it than the first time through. I don’t know that I can keep up the quick pace on moving through the rest of the alphabet, but will try to make a bit of progress at a time.

The Battle of Kings Mountain

Friday, July 29th, 2005

The Battle of Kings Mountain was a fight in the Southern campaign of the American Revolutionary War, fought on October 7, 1780. American Patriot militia forces overwhelmed the loyalist militia, led by Major Patrick Ferguson. In his history The Winning of the West, Theodore Roosevelt wrote of Kings Mountain: “This brilliant victory marked the turning point of the American Revolution.”
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Sponsored by the letter A

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

I’ve made it through a more detailed edit of the counties starting with the letter ‘A’. So, for this site it means that the county pages for Abbeville, Aiken, Allendale and Anderson should have a good deal more information on them now.

The Battle of Camden

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

The Battle of Camden was an important battle in the southern theatre of the American Revolutionary War. On August 16, 1780 British Forces under Lt. General Charles Cornwallis routed the American forces of Major General Horatio Gates about six miles north of Camden, South Carolina. American Forces numbered 4,100 of which about 3,000 were fit for duty, as opposed to 2,239 in the British force.
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The Battle of Waxhaw aka The Waxhaw Massacre

Wednesday, July 27th, 2005

The Waxhaw Massacre was one of the most important, and is one of the most neglected, events in the American Revolution. The earliest references are to “Buford’s Defeat” or the “Waxhaw Massacre”, but some have since called it “Buford’s Massacre” or “The Battle of the Waxhaws” – both of which seem unsatisfactory, as Buford was not responsible, and a Battle implies both sides were fighting.
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First draft of County Pages complete

Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

The title says it all. All 46 counties now have a seperate page with relevant information. Some have more info than others, but all have SCGenweb site link and a list of cities and towns. Most have at least one Genealogical/Historical society, some have more. Many have relevant books as well.