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Edgefield County Genealogy

Edgefield County was formed in 1785 from the old Ninety Six District. In 1871 part of Edgefield County went to form Aiken County. In 1895, another part of Edgefield contributed to Saluda County, 1897 yielded a portion of Greenwood County. Finally in 1916, a portion of Edgefield County was taken to make McCormick County. This area of the state was the site of several Revolutionary War skirmishes.

Edgefield County SCGenweb site

Edgefield County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 486
Edgefield, SC 29824

Edgefield County Courthouse
215 Jeter Street
County Courthouse
Edgefield, SC 29824


1790 Federal Census transcription Directory opens to listing of textfiles. The transcription is divided into 4 parts.

1820 Federal Census images Directory opens to listing of image files by page number.

1850 Federal Census Index by last name only.

1850 Federal Census Transcription and index Directory Opens to listing of text files, index files named indx*txt and pages, named by page number.

1850 Federal Census transcription This transcription has a key at the beginning of each file to interpret the numbers. Directory opens to listing of text files by page number.

1860 Federal Census Slave Schedule – Largest Slaveholders Also 1870 African-American Surname matches.


USGS listing of cemeteries in Edgefield County

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Cities and towns of Edgefield County:

Edgefield (County Seat)
Meeting Street
Pleasant Lane

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