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McCormick County Genealogy

McCormick County was formed in 1916 from Greenwood County and Abbeville County. The county was named for Cyrus Hall McCormick, an inventor. The Cherokee Indians massacred early settlers in 1760 at Long Cane. As a response, Fort Charlotte was built to help protect the area. This was one of the first forts captured by the Colonists in the Revolutionary War. Gold was found on the site where the current town of McCormick sits around 1850. Cyrus McCormick had purchased the gold mine and then later gave some land for the town. The town bearing his name was established in 1882 and is the county seat.

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McCormick County Courthouse
Route 2, Box 84-AAA
County Courthouse
Mc Cormick, SC 29835


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Clarks Hill
McCormick (County Seat)
Mount Carmel
Plum Branch

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