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Union County Genealogy

Like most of the northwestern area of South Carolina, this area was inhabited by the Cherokee Indians prior to European settlement, although it’s primary use may have been as hunting grounds. Union County was formed in 1785. The town and county got it’s name from a Union Church located near Monarch Mill. This Church was a place that Methodist, Baptist, or Presbyterians could meet in worship. The Revolutionary War battle of Musgrove Mill took place at the intersection of Union, Spartanburg and Laurens counties. Other Revolutionary War sites here are Fishdam Ford and Blackstock Battlefield.

In the late 1700s, the General Assembly created a district court and created a town called Pinckneyville in Union County. It was at the confluence of the Broad and Pacolet Rivers and meant to be the Charleston of the Upstate. The idea never caught on and eventually all activity moved to Union County, leaving Pinckneyille as a ghost town. Pinckneyville is on the national historic register.

Union County is also home to Boogaloo Folk Life Productions which seeks to retell memories of historical events in theatre form.

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