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About Me

It’s been a while coming, but thought I would finally put up an “About Me” page.

Work related, I do computer service in Asheville, NC. I can’t possibly describe in one paragraph everything that I do, but between the Asheville computer service site and the computer tips and info site you’ll see a bit of the range I cover.

I also teach piano lessons in Asheville, NC. I currently have about 20 students of varying levels from absolute beginner to advanced intermediate. I’ve played piano off and on since 4th grade. In the years I wasn’t playing piano I was playing clarinet and bass clarinet. By the way, I teach at the Asheville Music School, which is a good resource in town for private music lessons in Asheville.

I also attend Pleasant Grove Union Church, where I lead singing and (sometimes) play the piano. I’ve led singing there since around 1991 or so with a brief interruption when we were out of the area. We have a small singing group that sings mostly southern gospel style selections. Depending on the makeup of the group over the years I’ve sung the lead (soprano an octave lower), Tenor or Bass. (I’ve even picked up the Alto part on occasion, again an octave lower.) These days I’ve been singing Tenor mostly.

Hobbies… well, it seems that most of my hobbies have a way of turning into business somehow. The computer work and piano both fit that category. I also deal with audio and recording topics over at the Asheville Music Lessons site because that is yet another of my interests (and it seems to best match that site.) My degree at UNCA was the Bachelor of Science in Music with Recording Arts. I spent a fair amount of time in the recording studio there and that’s still an interest. Of course, I’m also interested in radio, particularly shortwave radio and amateur radio all of that led me to create my Online Radio and TV site. Online, or offline broadcasts are interesting to me.

Of course, those that are here know I also am afflicted with the genealogy bug. This is a non-fatal obsession that occasionally goes into remission but when it flares up, it has the victim constantly researching family history. My North Carolina Genealogy and South Carolina Genealogy sites are a testament to that addiction. At one point in time when we lived nearer to the state archives I did genealogy research for hire, but I don’t currently.

Among other things, I am fascinated by languages, the last several years I’ve spent studying spanish on my own. I picked up some copies of a familiar book in spanish and used that to build vocabulary. Over the years I’ve also studied German and French, but those are very rusty these days. I also have been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease in December of 2007. It’s suspected that allergies are my main trigger and I’m currently undergoing immunotherapy (allergy shots) in an attempt to turn the corner there.

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