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Dillon County Genealogy

Dillon County was formed in 1910 from Marion County. It was named for a local resident, James W. Dillon. This area had remained isolated due to rivers and swamps for some time, the coming of the railroad helped to open the area up to the outside world in the mid 1800s. Cotton, Tobacco and timber have been among the main products of this area.

Dillon County SCGenweb

Dillon County Courthouse
P.O. Box 449
County Courthouse
Dillon, SC 29536


Helen’s Little Corner – Obituary listings from the 1900s – Dillon Herald. Searchable.


USGS listing of cemeteries in Dillon County

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Cities and towns of Dillon County:

Dillon (County Seat)
Floyd Dale
Lake View
Little Rock
South of the Border

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