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Voice Broadcast Technology that could help in organizing family get togethers or just keep the Family up to speed on what’s happening

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

(I guess this will be a study in extremely long post titles (?))

Recently I’ve been looking at many companies that provide voice broadcast services. This is where you record an audio message and then can have it sent to many phone numbers. Political Campaigns and other organizations use this for get out the vote efforts and the like and I’ve had some business uses which is why I was researching these voice broadcast services. As I’ve been researching it though I’ve been thinking of the many different kinds of uses that this technology has. Some people call it a voice broadcast, others say voice blast, I’ve heard it called robocalls… I guess it is essentially like sending an email to everyone on your contact list, only it’s a voice mail message. It’s interesting that they’re so easy to do these days and I was thinking about how the family genealogist might make use of them. Family reunion season I guess probably peaks in the summer, so you may have to save this idea for next year, but how about making the calls to let your family know about the next get together, or make updates to the scheduling?

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