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Charleston Chapter – SC Genealogy Society meeting…

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From the Post and Courier of Charleston (, the Charleston Chapter of the SC Genealogy Society will meet Sunday May 21st… well – here’s the quote…

MEETING: Charleston Chapter of the S.C. Genealogy Society. Speaker will be Norman Walsh, whose topic will be historic Pinopolis. Refreshments will be served following the lecture. 3 p.m. Episcopal Church of St. Peter and St. John, Old Towne Road at Lenevar. 795-1486 or 889-8207.

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2 Responses to “Charleston Chapter – SC Genealogy Society meeting…”

  1. Inez Carney Says:

    I am looking for a census record that was make about 1746 in Charleston, SC. If you know where I can get a copy of this record please notify me.
    Thanks, Inez

  2. Avery Says:

    I’m not sure, that would be a colonial census, I can’t seem to find transcriptions of colonial SC census records online, but you could try a search on your ancestors name at the following link ( – their access is not free, but the search is.

    There is a collection of colonial records transcribed at the following rootsweb link I don’t see anything specific to 1746 records, there ARE a number of individuals tagged as being “present” in 1743 in that listing.

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