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2007 WNC Calendar

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I thought I would mention this here, since the site is still non-existent in the google search results… (11 months of banishment..) Anyway, I’ve made a calendar for 2007 with a variety of pictures from around the area near the house. Woods, flowers blooming, trees, fall leaves, etc.
Calendar cover
You can take a look at it at this link to the 2007 WNC calendar. There is a preview with thumbnails of the pictures used from that link.

I think it’s turned out to be quite nice, it’s $14.99 plus shipping (through (the cheapest shipping is the USPS option.) Since they do print on demand, allow 3-5 business days before the item ships. I am hoping to have mine on hand by late in the first week in November. It might be a good holiday gift for those missing the Carolinas.

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