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I’m pleased to announce several exciting new features on the site. Those of you with sharp eyes have already spotted some of them I’m sure. A long time ago we had a way of posting queries and frankly, the forum software I’ve had previously was useless to keep out the junk. Well, I’m diving in again with a forum for queries at the South Carolina Genealogy Forum. You should be able to share the same login here and in the forum. Currently there’s an area for statewide queries, but I expect to narrow down to a forum per county. I’ve also launched a new Web directory called the South Carolina Genealogy Directory The point of this is to focus on Genealogy and History links plus those of interest to South Carolina Genealogy. Finally, I’m introducing a once per month Newsletter to start in March. To sign up early visit South Carolina Genealogy Newsletter. All of the services are free. The directory would be a great place to include your genealogy related web site (preferred listings are available for a small cost, but you can submit for free.) I’ve included a forum for category requests for the directory as well. Read on below the fold if you like for the official press release

January 27, 2008 Announces New User Forum, Web Directory and Newsletter today announced the launch of a new forum, web directory and newsletter. The newsletter is slated to begin in March of 2008. The Web directory and forum are both live and available immediately. The newly launched services give genealogists interested in South Carolina research more choices in finding information and in posting queries in researching their ancestors.

The new forum allows site visitors to post free queries for information on ancestors that they are researching. “I know as I have worked on my genealogy it sometimes helps to find others that are looking for the same ancestors as you are.” according to Avery Parker, webmaster of South Carolina Genealogy. “I remember looking for any and every opportunity to post a query on some particularly hard to find ancestors. I am still a little surprised that I get responses in some cases 5, 6 years or longer after my original query. What’s exciting about this is that we’re giving another site specific to South Carolina that family history researchers can use to ask for information, or connect with long lost relatives.”

Further aiming to assist users in getting their information seen, the web directory ( )gives web site owners with genealogical or history related sites an opportunity to have a free listing. Basic listings are free, preferred listings which are shown before regular listings, are $4.95 per year. According to industry analysts, it is important to list your web site with as many directories related to your web sites topic of interest as possible. The popular search engines use directory links such as this to rate the popularity and relevance of web site which can increase their rankings in search results.

The newsletter is slated to be a monthly release starting in March of 2008. Signing up for the newsletter is free. To ensure they don’t miss the first issue, visitors are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible. Topics of the newsletter are expected to be related to South Carolina Genealogy and History as well as general news about the South Carolina Genealogy site. was launched in October 2005 and provides genealogy researchers a destination for genealogy and history related content specific to South Carolina. Resources are indexed by County and in most cases, brief histories are given to add context. The new product launches are in line with the goals of increasing the amount of information available to users and increasing the opportunities family history researchers have to post their queries and their personal websites. For more information or to take advantage of these new services visit

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