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Old Shandon

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Located in present day Columbia, Old Shandon is a National Historic district and has a high concentration of homes dating from the 19th century. The city of Shandon was incorporated in 1904 and then annexed into Columbia in 1913. They’ve recently had their centennial celebration in 2004. The growth that led to the incorporation was spurred by the extension of Columbia’s trolley line out to the the area. The Lot’s were laid out around 1900. Old Shandon was referred to as a trolley car suburb and the later Annex of another area also referred to as Shandon was referred to as an automobile suburb.

Old Shandon has a fairly active neighborhood association which helps to promote and teach about the history of the neighborhood. In addition to the National Historic Distric designation they have also gained a local histori neighborhood designation. This was the first planned suburban community of Columbia, SC. The land was originally rural farm and forestland and had been owned by Robert Start an early 1800’s mayor of Columbia and Revolutionary War veteran.

More information can be found at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History and

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