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The Usefullness of Queries Posted on Genealogy Forums

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When I launched the new forums for queries here at South Carolina I asked myself why should there be another South Carolina Genealogy Query forum. Aren’t there enough? Then I remembered the MANY forums I’ve posted on over the years about this family and that family. I also remember the many mailing lists and paper query posts I’ve read through and answered. That’s when it hit me…

when you’re looking for help with a “brick wall” you really want as MANY ways to get the question presented as possible. Isn’t that true? We want to be able to put our question in front of the few people out there that may have the answer. It’s kind of like when a pet is lost we’ll see signs up on every light post in the neighborhood.

So, let me encourage you to take advantage of the free forum posting here, yes we require you to sign up. You will be emailed a confirmation of your registration with the forum. One of the neat things is that you will be notified of response to your post as well. So, if the traffic volume there is light now and three years down the road you’ve forgotten you even asked about old great-great grandma Smith… you may wake up with an email from a long lost cousin saying, “I saw your post at….”

In some ways it’s like sowing seeds – something that many of us think about this time of year, each seed may bear fruit long after it’s planted.

Visit the free South Carolina Genealogy Forums and post or search the Queries.

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