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Finding Priscilla’s Children

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The Times and Democrat of Orangeburg, SC had a great story this past month of an exhibit at the South Carolina State Museum. The exhibit is called “Finding Priscilla’s Children” and focuses on the life of a slave child named Priscilla that was taken from Sierra Leone and at the age of 10 years old in 1756, sold at auction to Elias Ball, a South Carolina rice planter.

She died at 65 and was survived by 10 children….

Her descendants have been traced and seventh generation descendants of Priscilla have been reunited with people from her homeland, Sierra Leone. The exhibit started February 15th and will run through May 11th.

They detail her trip to North America on board the slave ship Hare from Rhode Island, life in slavery and the research of her descendants. Edward Ball discovered the story of Priscilla as he was researching his descent from Elias Ball. His research made the tracing of Priscilla’s descendants possible.

This sounds like a great exhibit to those that are abl to get to the South Carolina State Museum.

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