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Georgetown County Digital Library

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Georgetown County, SC has a great online initiative in their Georgetown Digital Library. Currently they have just a few collections for searching or browsing. These collections though represent a treasure trove of materials. Two of the collections (Morgan and Trenholm AND the Baruch Collection) are mostly historical photos from donated collections. However there is a collection of scans of Indentures. Unfortunately the ones I browsed through are just scans and not transcribed, but… they are searchable by the abstract of who is involved in the contract.

I’ve said it many times genealogy is changing – the internet is making SOOOOOO many good things possible. At one time, you had to spend money traveling to the place your ancestors lived and research there on site. These days the possibilities are tremendous though. I think it’s especially exciting to see special collections such as these digitized.

I know at Pack Library there are special collections that are available for browsing, but it’s a labor intensive thing. You don’t feel as though you should just ask to browse on a whim due to the high “maintenance” factor of the media. The fragile photos, the need to have a librarian assist each individual that’s browsing the special collection, etc.

Good job Georgetown County!

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