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Picasa 3 for the Family Genealogist and Facial Recognition

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The newest version of Picasa has been released (version 3.0) Google’s photo organizing software will scan your hard drive for pictures. The new version offers more powerful editing features than previous versions. The main buzz around this version though is it’s promise of facial recognition. In order to use this (from what I’ve seen so far) you need to upload the photos to Picasa Web Albums. Once there you can label the faces that are found in pictures.

The more you use the facial labelling the better the facial recognition gets. (Makes sense…) I don’t know if photo labeling can be shared among picasa users (that could be potentially interesting…) Imagine you have an old photo from the 1940’s and you only know one of three people in the photo. Imagine now that someone else has identified others in the photo through OTHER photos…

Okay – it looks like name tags can be shared, but they are private by default. But the potential is there that picasa could be one of the greatest collaborative tools for identifying people in pictures….

I’ve long recommended Picasa as a tool for organizing photos on the PC and these new features really seem to solidify the excellence of this free download.

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