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Spartanburg County History Autobiography

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The following was forwarded to me last month and I wanted to share it here:

LAWRENCE ALLEN HEAVRIN AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY a two volume book is now available for purchase online. Tom Johnson, PHD, Librarian Emeritus University of South Carolina, Columbia has written the following review.

LAWRENCE ALLEN HEAVRIN: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY is an impressive model of how to go about setting down the record of one’s life. Larry Heavrin’s massive two-volume work documents the varied experience of an American physician who largely grew up and was educated in Illinois. His military service in the U.S. Navy took him from Great Lakes to Charleston, SC where he also wound up going to medical school. In pursuit of his career as a family doctor he
ranged far and wide, from North Carolina to Alaska, finally settling in
Spartanburg, South Carolina. In addition to the valuable family history obtained in volume one are vivid accounts of his life and work in the several small towns and cities where he practiced. Of special interest are the accounts of his Charleston and Alaskan sojourns, as well as the stories and vignettes of various patients, colleagues and friends he met in the course of his long career. Both volumes are enlivened by the inclusion of numerous photographs. They also contain valuable finding aids, which make them useful and accessible to a wide reading public.
I will paste the two links for the two volumes of my book. When you click on the red preview band it will give you the option to view it on the full screen. When that is done it is possible to read the pages that are displayed. Volume II will include narratives and pictures from the time I moved to Spartanburg through 2008.
Here is the link for volume I.

This one is for volume II
After you have looked at the preview of the book please look at the bottom of the page and send me a comment to let me know that you have received this announcement.

View my book at Blurb:

Thank you,
Larry Heavrin

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