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South Carolina Cemetery Project Looking for Some Help

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I received an email today about a site and project that I don’t think that I’ve seen before, it’s the SCCemetery GPS Mapping Project. They are trying to determine which of the cemeteries should be noted as being Black. There is a page setup listing those with burials of Americans of African Descent. They tell me that they have completed the State’s Golden Corner. Most all of Oconee, Pickens and Anderson are done although they do need help finishing Anderson County.

So, here is the specific request from Paul M. Kankula (webmaster of the Project):

I would like someone to help me identify which of the 11,000+ SC cemeteries should be considered Black. There are many Black Baptist Church Associations that would probably be a big help when it comes to identifying the churches. My partner Gary Flynn at would be the one who should have the info sent to.

He also passed along another neat nugget. He has a site setup giving the English equivalents of foreign given names. I will be adding each of these resources to the statewide resources page. I may dig a bit deeper and add some of these on the county pages where appropriate. Thanks to Paul for passing this along and I hope some of our readers may be able to help them out.

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