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Bloody Bill Cunningham – Nov-Dec 1781

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Jack Parker, author of , will present a PowerPoint presentation on Bloody Bill Cunningham entitled “Bloody Scout” on April 7, 2011 at 7 PM for the Greenville Genealogical Society, at First Christian Church, 704 Edwards Road, Greenville, SC – It’s open to the public, so I thought the Spartanburg History Hub would want to know. Mr. Parker spoke to us last year about actions in Spartanburg County.

The presentation includes the locations of all of Cunningham’s actions (that he could find) on 1825 maps and a logical route with dates for all of them. The available references only give November 1781 as the dates for most of them. However, Mr. Parker has narrowed the dates to within a day or so, starting and ending in Charleston. It shows how all the actions are related in time and location. This will be the first time that Mr. Parker will make this presentation. It covers the period for 11/10/1781 to 12/26/1781 with actions in Orangeburg, Saluda, Newberry, Laurens, Spartanburg and Union Counties.

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