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Spartanburg – Lunch and Learn September 23

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Lunch & Learn Spartanburg
Lamar Nelson: Native Americans in the South Carolina Upcountry
September 23, 2011; 12:30-1:30

Join us for an enjoyable and educational hour as Mr. Lamar Nelson shares artifacts and stories about Native Americans in the South Carolina Upcountry. Mr. Nelson is a member of the South Carolina Archaeology Society and is proud of his Native American ancestry. Mr. Nelson will share his many years of discoveries of artifacts and information pertaining to the rich Native American history of our region. As a traditional Native American hunting ground, Spartanburg has many artifacts that teach us about the system in which the first peoples of our area lived. Come listen and ask questions. Mr. Nelson has spent many years uncovering and researching our Native American history.

1st Floor Conference Room
Lunches Welcome; Limited seating
Spartanburg Regional History Museum
Carlos Moseley Building
Chapman Cultural Center
200 East St. John Street, Spartanburg, S.C. 29306

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