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Apologies for this off topic post, but it is a matter of conscience. In recent months I’ve seen numerous tv ads for certain lenders advertising quick cash. It almost always sounds like it’s the perfect fix for an emergency situation like an unexpected car repair or whatever. With such difficult economic times I know a lot of people are in tight spots. I hope none of my readers would fall prey to this westernsky scam (some search for information by name as the scam after their website address) or the money mutual scam. Why would I go so far as to call them a scam? Better than 100% APR interest from Western Sky Financial and Money Mutual isn’t directly a lender they just sell your information to numerous other lenders to get you spammed to pieces.

Really, 28% credit card debt is better than their loans. Somehow they manage to get around the usury laws…. Always check the APR % on any loan you apply for!

I do have some on topic material coming up that I hope to get posted in the next couple of days. Thanks for indulging me in this off topic warning.

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