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New South Carolina Query Forum, Genealogy Web Directory and Free Newsletter

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I’m pleased to announce several exciting new features on the site. Those of you with sharp eyes have already spotted some of them I’m sure. A long time ago we had a way of posting queries and frankly, the forum software I’ve had previously was useless to keep out the junk. Well, I’m diving in again with a forum for queries at the South Carolina Genealogy Forum. You should be able to share the same login here and in the forum. Currently there’s an area for statewide queries, but I expect to narrow down to a forum per county. I’ve also launched a new Web directory called the South Carolina Genealogy Directory The point of this is to focus on Genealogy and History links plus those of interest to South Carolina Genealogy. Finally, I’m introducing a once per month Newsletter to start in March. To sign up early visit South Carolina Genealogy Newsletter. All of the services are free. The directory would be a great place to include your genealogy related web site (preferred listings are available for a small cost, but you can submit for free.) I’ve included a forum for category requests for the directory as well. Read on below the fold if you like for the official press release

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South Carolina Genealogy Forum

Monday, July 25th, 2005

I’ve added some areas to the site forum to accomodate general South Carolina statewide queries and Reference as well. It will be a shared location with the North Carolina genealogy forum for now. There are seperate areas for posting queries and eventually each county should have it’s own board. The link is on the sidebar to the right and in this post.