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It’s been a while since I’ve made some posts here, but as I’ve mentioned on my North Carolina Genealogy site, I am recommitting to a routine posting for my sites. My goal here is one post a week. I have an article series starting Tuesday (January 22nd, 2008) on the North Carolina Genealogy site that would be of general interest to any visitors here as well. The series is covering some of the many problems that we genealogists in the digital age face. On this site however, I plan to post on Wednesday’s. I don’t have a general topic of articles for here yet, but I may at one point run a similar series here. For the time being my post plans here are directly related to South Carolina Genealogy and History. In the meantime, welcome and have a look around. There are a few other notes to make.

For a while I’ve had a good mapping tool integrated into the North Carolina Genealogy site that shows on a map from Google Maps where some of the events in North Carolina History took place (as well as cemetery locations.) Additionally, we may be seeing an upgrade to the latest branch of the site software here, so the look and feel may change in the nearterm. (My webhost is upgrading their server side hosting and we may see some disruption from that.)

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