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Sorry for the disruption

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We’ve had a server upgrade today, then a server move and in a few hours we’re getting a software update, so we’ve had some rough sailing today. Hopefully this will be the biggest disruption for a while. Thanks for your patience.
Update. If you been around in the last couple hours you’ve probably seen all sorts of half page displays, gizmos popping up here and there, but I think I’m done tweaking for the moment. I’ll need to browse in a few different browsers to make sure things still look good. Anyway, here’s the technical summary. We had an infrastructure update earlier today at my webhosting provider. After spending two hours getting domains working again, after that I thought I may as well proceed with my server migration. (This site has for a long time shared the same server with several of my other sites.) So, that didn’t go so well. But I finally got that settled and proceeded with the wordpress upgrade. So, that’s where we are. I am just noticing that there could be some category losses here. I’ll have to look into it and see if it’s complete posts that were lost or just the categories they were tagged with. On content article is still expected for in the morning and I expect MOST of the disruptions are done. Thanks.

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