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Sign up for our South Carolina Genealogy newsletter: today announced the completion of County detail pages providing a thumbnail sketch of information on each county as well as useful links for genealogists. There are pages for each county in the state and the amount of information available varies by county.

The county pages have been available for some time, but many were just stubs with a few resource links. “I’m really excited to see the site get closer to what I had envisioned the South Carolina Genealogy site could be.” according to Avery Parker, webmaster of South Carolina Genealogy. “I know there is a lot more information we can collect on each county, but this is a real milestone to have at least a little detail on each counties history and what I feel like is a good assortment of links and information for each one. These kinds of resources make online genealogy research that much easier because if you’re looking for ancestors in Greenville County for instance, there’s a page that has a background sketch and links to maybe 75% of the resources that you might want to look for. We still have a lot of information to fill in though.”

South Carolina Genealogy is also asking for help in finding those helpful resources, they’ve recently made it easier for individuals to submit links for the various county pages. This involvement of the users is essential to helping the site grow as it enlists every user in the search for good resource information to include. It also helps family history researchers to help each other out by providing some of their good finds online with their peers. was launched in October 2005 and provides genealogy researchers a destination for genealogy and history related content specific to South Carolina. Resources are indexed by County and in most cases, brief histories are given to add context. These county profile and resource pages are essential to the main goal of the South Carolina Genealogy site which is to help family researchers find useful resources related to South Carolina Genealogy. For more information or to look at the finished county profile and resource pages visit

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