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Sign up for our South Carolina Genealogy newsletter: today announced the full launch of their new forum. The newly launched service gives genealogists interested in South Carolina research more choices in posting queries in researching their ancestors. The full launch signifies that there are now forums for both statewide genealogy queries and county family history query posting. There is now a forum for each and every county in the state of South Carolina.

The new forum allows site visitors to post free queries for information on ancestors that they are researching. “I know as I have worked on my genealogy it sometimes helps to find others that are looking for the same ancestors as you are.” according to Avery Parker, webmaster of South Carolina Genealogy. “I remember looking for any and every opportunity to post a query on some particularly hard to find ancestors. I am still a little surprised that I get responses in some cases 5, 6 years or longer after my original query. What’s exciting about this is that we’re giving another site specific to South Carolina that family history researchers can use to ask for information, or connect with long lost relatives.”

Given the nature of the internet, questions about ancestors posted in online forums can remain online for years. This fact, combined with power of search engines makes it easier than ever for family history researchers to find others looking for the same families that they are. The South Carolina Genealogy Forum is expected to add forums to meet the needs of the members. Already, one township in South Carolina has it’s own forum, that’s St. Andrews township, in the Charleston, SC area. was launched in October 2005 and provides genealogy researchers a destination for genealogy and history related content specific to South Carolina. Resources are indexed by County and in most cases, brief histories are given to add context. The forum launch is in line with the goals of increasing the amount of information available to users and increasing the opportunities family history researchers have to post their queries and their personal websites. For more information or to take advantage of these new forums visit or visit the forums directly at

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