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New series of articles

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This is a bit more of a housekeeping post of sorts. I wanted to let you know of a series that I’m going to start next week. I wanted to highlight each county of the state in article form. I do have the article profiles already, but I thought each one deserved the visibility of a regular post. This doesn’t mean that the next 46 weeks are going to be straight through county page summaries. I do intend to break up the series somewhat with the other content. As always, article submissions are welcome, so if you would like to post something on YOUR family history or an area of South Carolina you’ve researched Contact us directly, or consider submitting your article to the South Carolina Genealogy Directory.

Other notes to pass along, I still intend to spend more time cultivating a good list of African American research resources. Additionally I’m looking to integrating mapping from google maps as I’ve started on the North Carolina Genealogy site. Some ideas will be tagging Revolutionary War battle sites, cemeteries, perhaps state parks and other locations on the map.

Of course, as usual I have more ideas than time and it does take a while to construct all of these things, so… keep watching.

If you have suggestions, the above Contact Form is a good choice, as well as the South Carolina Genealogy Forum.

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