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You have probably noticed the many google rss feeds that I use on this site. It’s really easy to let google do a lot of your “news reading” for you these days and you don’t have to have anything fancier than an email address and a web browser to set things up. First off, visit and type in a search that you want to keep informed about. (South Carolina Genealogy for instance). Then when the result comes up…

Browse down the lefthand side of the page until you see an envelope icon and the words “News Alerts” – click this icon here you can modify your search, choose news, blogs, the web or other areas of searching and the frequency you want to get emails with new stories. If you choose a very popular topic and “as it happens” you may wind up with a lot of messages. Enter your email address and then click “Create Alert”

Now you’re all set, you’ll get an email anytime there’s a new news story about the search that you specified. You can also get fancy and combine this with a web search to get an email when a favorite site has changed or added information on a particular topic.

Sign up for our South Carolina Genealogy newsletter:

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