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Abbeville County, South Carolina Genealogy

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This week, I’m highlighting my Abbeville County, SC Genealogy Resource page. Abbeville County was created in 1785 from the old Ninety-Six district and has been known as the birthplace and deathbed of the Confederacy. John C. Calhoun was a native of Abbeville County, South Carolina. The name Abbeville comes from a place name in France. Many of the early settlers of Abbeville County were French Huguenots. Erskine College is located in Abbeville County.

The cities and towns of Abbeville County are:

Abbeville (County Seat)
Calhoun Falls
Due West
Honea Path
Lake Secession
Ware Shoals

There is a 1784 Tax list available here, our Abbeville County, South Carolina Query Forum might be of use as well. Cemetery Transcriptions may be found here. Cemetery locations from the USGS here.

Abbeville Co., SC Genweb site

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